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We Romanticweddings On Crete, offer you the chance to choose your own wedding location, sit back and soak up the sun while we organize your own tailor-made package exactly the way you want it. The only thing you have to do is show up and say the right name on the day!

Crete is the most beautiful Mediterranean island that’s why we have chosen it for our business. So, it does not matter if you want your wedding ceremony at a luxurious and upscale place like, Elounda, surrounded by private yachts and hotels, or you may like a more traditional wedding in a small traditional village like, Zaros, where you can be married by the lake – watch out for the geese! Or you could try your wedding at an isolated beach like Elafonissi; or to be at our favorite place, Matala, where the atmosphere still reminds you of the 1960s. Or you may want to have a historical city setting at one of Crete’s fabulous cities like Chania. 

Of course, there is also the secluded small harbor of Loutro on the south coast which can only be reached by the sea – perhaps for the most romantic newly weds. Although, we don’t like to talk about it too much as it really is far away from the tourist track and an ideal wedding location which we don’t want the world to know about.
Write us what scenario interests you the most and we will create a tailor-made package for you with an ideal location for your wedding ceremony!

Below are the various locations where it may be possible to accommodate different types of civil ceremony, religious wedding, anniversaries, vow renewals as well as engagements.
Look at our map of Crete which can help you to define your own individual and particular choice for your own wedding ceremony. And of course, if you do have any questions or doubts then you can reach us through our Contact Page or write a separate email to us at  romanticweddingsoncrete@gmail.com

Wedding Ceremony on the beach


Matala and Komos in the Heraklion province both offer secluded beach resorts which are easily accessible by car and can provide ideal places for beach weddings away from the more populated northern Cretan coast. 

Matala has a very relaxed attitude to it as does Komos which is a lovely place to hold a small civil service outside the chapel as well as finding a nearby Taverna to wash down the Cretan wedding feast! 

Sometimes, as a wedding planner, there are just too many choices! Did we mention Elafonissi?



Lakeside wedding

Whether it is the fantastic lake in Zaros or Kournas, these are Crete’s two lakes and both are ideal for a wedding ceremony, followed by an evening in the nearby lakeside tavernas. You may even choose to go swimming! 

But if you do, you will have to watch out for the geese as both places, especially Kournas see a fair share of migration during the spring and can both provide ornithologists with a rare sighting every now and then.  




City Breaks


There are four major towns on Crete Chania, Rethimno, Heraklion and Agios Nicholas. All are very beautiful, so, if you like walking around old city streets and reliving the history of a very imaginative town then why not have a chapel or church wedding there followed by a night in a nearby restaurant or bar! 



Historical settings

If your mind prefers the medieval period, then it is possible to celebrate your civil ceremony in Aptera, an old Venetian castle overlooking the Suda Bay of Chania. It has a remarkable setting, ideal for your vows. There is also the added bonus of being close to Georgetown (Giorgolopoli), a very beautiful and much under-rated holiday resort between Chania and Rethimno.

In fact, we can create a civil ceremony for you in Aptera, followed by a restorative swim and religious ceremony at Kournas Lake at one of the lakeside tavernas where you can hold your reception before hoping into the car for a quick 5 minute drive back to Georgioupolis. The possibilities that we have on offer are endless!   

Or, you may like the idea of reliving Ancient Greece by having the civil and/or religious ceremony at an archaeological setting like Phastos, and then we can arrange it for you. It would definitely be a more unusual backdrop to the normal wedding.  Tell us what you would like and we can make it happen!


Orthodox weddings


Komos                                               Georgioupolis                               St.Titos, Heraklion

Well, if you are Orthodox, then Crete is your oyster, or island! You have the freedom to be married in any Orthodox Church of your choice. So, the biggest problem the two of you will have is arguing over which location is the most beautiful!  Look at our map and choose the place that you like the most and leave the rest up to us.

Roman Catholic Weddings


Chania                                        Rethimno                                                      Heraklion

Chania, Heraklion and Rethimno Cities are the primary areas for the Roman Catholic Church on Crete, and the priest is happy to travel to you to perform your marriage in a quiet romantic setting. 

Anglican wedding

Anglican Church of Chania

You can have your wedding in the marvelous little Anglican Church in Chania or in another place or location of your preference.

Protestant wedding

For Protestant couples, there are greater natural locations available to choose from where your pastor can marry you in your particular chosen location.

There are also a variety of places on Crete for having the ceremony in very picturesque surroundings such as Agia Pelagia, Bali, and luxurious Elounda which is rumored to be where Jenifer Aniston will be married this year or in Georgioupolis.

Agia Pelagia                                                            Bali


Elounda                                                                   Georgioupolis

Romantic weddings on Crete especially recommend for you to consider the locations of Matala and Komos, if you really are interested in getting closer to the real Crete, these are definitely the places for you!


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